Business Valuation, Business Restructuring, Economic Feasibility Analysis and Trademark Valuation (Goodwill)

The international economy, at the stage it is associated to new, developed technologies, mainly in the communication and computer sciences, has demanded from all productive and administrative sector of the companies continued adaptations in their organizational structures in order to follow the nimbleness of processes and of requests by the clients.

The companies passes to differentiate not any longer due to the machines they use in their productive process, but indeed by the set of the generated and acquired collective knowledge, by the creative and inventive abilities, by the values, attitudes and motivation of people that compose the client’s degree of satisfaction.

Therefore, intangible assets of the organization assume a significant degree of importance in the entrepreneurial environment, as more and more capacity to create, multiply and efficiently use knowledge and abilities is required.

It is worth to emphasize here that at a process of negotiation between companies each stage of preparation, negotiation and implementation deserves specific treatment and shall so be well guided.

In this sense, it is necessary the economic consultation and valuation of all levels of negotiation.

Business Valuation

  • Determination of economic and financial value of the companies or businesses having as base the potential and the profitability of the business. It has as base the potential to generate cash flow to support consolidations, acquisitions, splits or plain sale operations.
  • Analysis of the project showing NPV – Net Present Value, IPR – Internal Payoff  Rate, minimum attractiveness rate and entrepreneurial indices.
  • Business Restructuring – Modification of companies: transformation, incorporation, consolidation, split, joint venture, etc.
  • Prospecting and identification of financial nonconformities due to the use of financial resources to implement long term investments by the company or acceleration of decision making process.

Analysis of Economic Feasibility

Business Plan by simulating risks involved in the project at different scenarios and also changes in the mix of the loan composition (own resources or third party’s) for the investment.

Trademark Valuation (Goodwill)

Appraisal of incremental cash flow generated by growing benefits of stabilizing trade mark in the market and, above all, the perspective of future benefits of such trade mark together the market.