Quality of our services is leveraged and ensured by teamwork between Apert and the client.

From Apert’s side, we ensure quality by means of:

  • Multifunctional team trained and prepared by obtaining the required licenses after competent education (undergraduate and graduate levels), as well as constant training (specialization courses).
  • Legal updates (Federal and Customs laws, among others), Technical Standards and Procedures (domestic:– ABNT, IBAPE and international – USPAP).
  • Strategic planning, following schedules, needs and priorities, focusing on desired outcomes, on time, having contingency plans for setbacks.
  • Supervision, control, and monitoring throughout the entire process, from initial briefing to closure.
  • Subject matter expertise on the issues we undertake to solve.
  • Transparency in execution and results, so that our clients will face no unpleasant surprises.

From the client, we expect:

  • Provision of information and documents, in a clear, objective, and timely manner, so that we can we can adequately fulfill their needs.
  • Interaction at all times, by means of appointing a liaison officer, to keep our performance at its max.