Expertise In The Investigation Of The Progress Of Capital Goods

The expertise is developed in the national territory or abroad, by highly qualified, trained and specialized engineers from diverse fields (mechanical, metalurgical, electronical, textile, chemical and pharmaceutical), in factories, with the purpose of following the physical progress of the manufacturing of components, materials,  mechanical equipments, eletrical and instrumentation equipments, metallic structures and so on, including:

  • ANALYSIS of commercial and technical documentation,  regarding the aspects of quality and manufacturing (physical progress) in compliance with: Contract and additions/attaachments, DATASHEET, Material Requisition, Homologation of commodity (for companies that require supplier registration, by, for example,  Certificate of Registration and Cadastral Classification, verification of Plans and inspection and Testing Certificates.
  • CONSULTANCY: Presentation of an autonomous criteria for survey and calculation of physical profess of manufacturing, including the elaboration of an EAP, considering the phases of Engineering, Supply and Manufacture.
  • INSPECTION in the facilities of the manufacturers and/or storage facilities, in order to quantify the agreement in depth of the standards demanded in the project (technical especifications), the percentage of physical progress achieved in each equipment, its traceability in regards to the supply contract and its conditions of storage and conservation.
  • ISSUING OF A CONCLUSIVE REPORT containing the analysis of the main stages of production, with their respective purchasing/supply order.