Consultancy, Evaluation And Valuation For Accounting, Economical, Financial And Legal

With a highly experienced and specialized technical body in the field of inspection evaluation and valuation within the parameters of international demands, APERT offers technical advice to support Fixed Asset Management, in order to act preventively in terms of description, fiscal qualification and valuation.

Our work is carried out based on the standards established by CREA, CRA and CORECON, ABNT (Brazilian Technical Norms Association), and in compliance with the rules and criteria established by IBAPE (Brazilian Institute of Evaluation and Engineering Expertise), USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) and the current legislation.

  • ASSET EVALUATION and technical consultancy in general, in the area of Appraisal Engineering, fulfilling Law 11.638 and Accounting Standard CPC-27, focusing on the revision of useful life, determining the (fair value)) deemed cost, residual value and impairment test, among other important issues.
  • BUSINESS VALUATION (economic analysis and brands).
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT including inventory, fiscal-accounting reconciliation (standardization and description regulation), licensing and professional trainning for assets control.
  • AGRIBUSINESS EVALUATION Agroindustrial systems, cooperatives, sugar and alcohol plants, rural property.
  • EXPERTISE/CONTRACT AUDITS of works in progress, renovation or purchase/manufacturing of machinery and customized equipment (by project).
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE in terms of engineering, administrative procedures and court proceedings.