Property Appraisal

This modality of valuation is developed in conformity with law 6404/76, law 11.638 and accounting rule CPC-27.

EXPECTED PRODUCT: Fair market value, residual value, useful life reviewing of assets and impairment test.

Performed by specialized and qualified engineers.

Calculations based on correct and precise information in order to thoroughly qualify assets to be valued.

Detailed valuation meeting accounting structure of the company, keying and checking.

Detailed according to Brazilian (ABNT – NBR 14653-2, NBR 14653-5 and IBAPE (Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliações e Perícias de Engenharia de São Paulo) and international standards (USPAP – Uniform standard of professional Appraisal Practice) and law in force in the country of the job (Law 11.638).

The new accounting standards applicable to property, plant & equipment (CPC Sec. 27) determine that working life and residual value of assets be revised at least once on every fiscal year. Additionally, they made the annual assessment mandatory in case there is any evidence to an asset having possibly been devaluated (impairment tests).

The difficulties pointed out by companies to carry out such reviews are delays in implementing processes to ascertain working life definition, residual values, recoverable amounts; and mostly the lack of qualified internal personnel to carry it out.

In order to fulfill this shortcoming so common among companies, APERT is offering a personal presentation – under no commitment – on its specialized services in regular reviews of working life assessments and impairment tests, for compliance to the new accounting regulations.

APERT has a team of highly specialized professionals, plus a partnership with independent auditors to provide – as needed and without additional cost – joint consultancy in analyzing and resolving complex issues for implementing CPC Sec. 27.