Engineer José Luiz Marques, based in their knowledge and in their experience academic, institutional and professional in the appraisal branch in Brazil and in the foreign in regards to negotiations among companies, privatizations, among others purposes, they had founded APERT APPRAISAL EXPERTS.

APERT appeared in year 2000 answering to some conquests of their partners, that they had been joined in the intention to invest in their knowledge in the assessor ship to the companies that they longed for expand or to implant manufactory units in Brazil.

The necessity made so evident that APERT was intensifying in the branch of INSPECTION and APPRAISAL for asset transference (in Brazil and in the foreign).

To the few APERT it was if firming in appraisal modalities as much of the scope of industries´ patrimonial appraisal as in the aspect of business valuation.

Today, APERT has conditions to atend in all Brazilian territory and to all industry segments (Process Plant), for asset appraisal, and business valuation (trade mark valuation) and others interests as appraisal of leasing and collateral operations and appraisal of insurance and risk analysis.

The service of the companies all places the knowledge of engineering, to make possible to import new and used machinery, being in the their fiscal classification, catalogue substitution, in the temporary admission, in the equipment exchange in the period of guarantee and also technical study for reduction of aliquot importation of a machine, equipment or even though a line of production.